The Hamburger, The Perfect Food, Or Something…

To begin this story I would like to warn readers that I write it just before eating, when the gut already claims its gift sonorously and the brain can be altered and inclined to shed ideas that probably would not be the same after a good bacchanal . In any case, I promise to be as subjective as possible and use the opinions of experts on proper nutrition when talking about the famous food we are dealing with today. Surely there will be some who criticize me, but I take it as part of the advantages and disadvantages of expressing my opinion. Also, no one should take what I write seriously about the suitability of the hamburger as food, it’s just an excuse to tell you the story of this famous product.

According to the chain of yellow bows, in its 30,000 restaurants spread across 120 countries, peasants consume 75 247 Mcdonalds signburgers every second of every minute of every day of the year, some 2.3 billion sandwiches a year. Burger King offers similar numbers, with 2,100 of their pan-fried pancakes a year. Not to mention the dozens of less famous chains that also contribute to the huge consumption of hamburgers worldwide. There must be a reason Before proceeding, I would like to make a clarification for practical purposes. When referring to the hamburger, I mean the combination of a minced meat pancake, cooked and served between two slices of bread, lettuce, tomato, onion and often a slice of gherkin.

It is not a question of looking in the past for the origins of its ingredients separately, such as the steak tartar of the Mongols, but of the history of the Frokadellencombined product as we know it. That said, if there is a very popular precedent from the Middle Ages in the north of Germany, the so-called frikadelle, still served without the bun, has its place in history, as it was through the port of Hamburg from where it departed for the States United,

As is often the case in these cases, there is no consensus on the choice of the hamburger inventor. More than a dozen families claim the invention of the hamburger by one of their ancestors, some with frankly unbelievable stories, and more than one with a certain part of reason.

In May 2007, the Wisconsin State House of Representatives declared the Seymour people the “Original Hamburger Home,” based on the story of Hamberger Charlie 300Charlie Nagreen, who was allegedly selling hamburgers since 1885. His idea came about when at a fair Local, his customers rejected the fillet to dry because they wanted to continue the visit without having to stay in the food stall, so Charlie put the meat between two slices of toasted bread, an idea that occurred to more than one in different Sites at the same time.

The brothers Franck and Charlie Munches also presumed to be the inventors of the hamburger, with a history similar to that of Nagreen and in exactly the same year as that of Wisconsin. The two of them, one day at an event in the town of Hamburg, New York, ran out of sausages for their hot dogs, and a butcher suggested that they be substituted for minced veal, something like a hamburger.

Another candidate is Oscar Weber Bilby, whose family claims he was the first to serve his hamburger on a bun , not between two toast, at his farm near Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1995, state governor Frank Keating proclaimed Oklahoma the “true cradle of the hamburger.”

In 1904, Fletch Davis of Athens, Texas, placed a stall at the St. Louis Missouri World Fair, in which he sold a type of St.-Louis-World-Fairhamburger he had invented when a customer in a hurry He had asked for a steak to take away, with the innovation of adding raw onion to the sandwich. There is little evidence that the story is true, apart from the chronicle of a New York reporter who spoke of the hamburger as the “innovation of a food vendor on the road” and Davis’s own version, but that was enough for In 2006, the Texas Legislature passed a law making the state the “Original House of the Hamburger.”

And so many more. I recommend that each of the readers do their research and draw their own conclusions. What is no doubt is that the hamburger was born as such in the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, from where it spread to the rest of the world as an icon of American culinary culture.

But what about my hamburger rating as the perfect food? Well, following the delicious food pyramid recommended for Spain, nutritionists recommend the consumption of a wide variety of ingredients divided into 5 levels according to their value:

You can see that the bread, vegetables (lettuce, tomato, onion), cheese and meat, the main ingredients of the hamburger, are included in the four most important levels of the pyramid. My humble conclusion then, is that the hamburger is a perfect food, because we cover a lot of our needs. If we add to it all the richness that they can be and the ease of eating them without getting dirty or covered, it is not difficult to understand why they are so popular.

But be very careful with the abuse because, as our grandmothers used to say, the best diet is based on balance, and would never recommend eating a single food on a daily basis, or even weekly. In addition, the benefits of the hamburger can only be guaranteed when we prepare it at home, because the quality of the product leaves much to be desired in commercial establishments. The Restaurant Hans im Glück in Nuremberg are offering delicious burgers and cocktails, fresh ingredients with high quality and  you can always find moments of joy there. And everyone fell in love with this restaurant !!