Luxury Yacht Charter And Sales

You are welcome to the world of luxury yacht charter provided by yacht broker Delegable Yachts! Our specialists have been working in this premium yachting segment since 2002. On our web site, you can find a widest choice of the most prestigious super yachts and megawatts – i.e. luxury yachts over 24-30 v in length, motor or sailing, which are at your full disposal for high quality crewed charter.  There also are number of best attractive offers of yachts for sale in greece. Attention! Selected parts of information about yachts are closed for public access according to Owner’s policy, and can be accessible for our clients / recognized users only. See section Registration / Account for more details. Sorry, full text on this page is temporary available in Greece version only. A sea voyage on a yacht has always been considered one of the most prestigious and exciting leisure activities – even more so if we bear in mind not the classic sports boat for recreation, which can be controlled independently and to rent without a skipper (bareboat charter), a large, comfortable modern vessels length of more than 20-30 m, which serves the whole team of professional people from the captain and cook until a flight attendant and sailor (hire a crew boat, crewed charter) . Rich people, of course, cannot afford to just buy a luxury yacht. And our company is assisting in the acquisition of high-end yachts – a rich selection of actual proposals presented in the section Yacht for sale, and this is only part of the lots – on request we stela selection of yachts from for sale, as well as try to help with registration and other issues – on the set of teams up management and financing. At the same time, the purchase of the yacht, the cost of its year-round parking, crew maintenance and servicing of motor yacht luxury, of course, translate into a considerable sum that few can afford. At the same time at your disposal – always the same boat, the same yacht interiors and features usually one and the same area of water – and diversity . That’s why I want to wake rent mega yachts today extremely popular, particularly outside of our homeland!. Going abroad, the majority of successful people who know a lot about a luxurious and comfortable holiday, prefer to take the boat with crew for rent (the luxury crewed charter).

Charter gives freedom!  Change the boat and swimming places like changing hotels and the country – this is a dream. Do not tie yourself to a certain place. Choose by sea or ocean, and the islands of the country that you would like to visit when planning a future trip. The variety offered for a yacht charter areas and routes of from blockbuster to destinations in Europe, such as the French Riviera, Italy and all the Western Mediterranean, as well as Greece, Turkey, Croatia, in the eastern Mediterranean – to the Indian Ocean islands and the Caribbean, the Red Sea, Australia etc. However, boats such as “Explorer” and more extreme categories are available to travelers such exotic regions such as Alaska or Antarctica … And everywhere you will find cozy cabins, which has everything you need for a comfortable stay, a rich infrastructure services on board, and of course – team strives to fulfill any wishes of the guests during your cruise.

Yachting – a world of freedom of movement, is the sea and the sun, this new shores and islands of the country and people, unique landscapes and unique sensations. Therefore, rent a yacht for charter – is much more than the conventional tourism, which like probably all. After all, the whole world passes by you and all that seem interesting – at your disposal.

A trip on a yacht deluxe has particular advantages offered by the combination of comfort, service and good food – like when staying in a five-star hotel – with the movement in the space, pleasant and rich experiences, without tiring flight and ground transfers. Available every day arriving in a new place, do not hastily luggage and not having to worry about transport timetables – unless, of course, the previous berth floating your shelter does not attract the serenity and beauty of outdoor recreation, or entertainment you will not blow a whirlwind in this hospitable shore!. .