How To Choose An Electric Bicycle

When I decided to write this article I had just spent money on a bike I found that I bought at a specialized store, the bike was the result of the union of two major brands, one of consecrated bikes and motorcycles and the one that is presupposed Better electrical kit (but I think we only think about the excessive price) after a year did not work very well, I have seen that there are several readers of this blog who are in the same problem.

Shortly after I bought it, I decided to resell it in milanuncios with big losses and start over. It was not powerful at all and the battery was very unstable, as if it lacked tension or strength. I was worried about where I would be thrown or if I could stand much longer and I was not comfortable with the strength of the engine and pedal assistance.

“It does not take much effort to know what the components really matter, the size and power of the engine, the type, location and capacity of the battery and the design and components of the bike in question. Which many times is not worth spending, if in the end you do not end up repenting bitterly of your decision …”

Test Ride Before You Buy It

The best way to compare an electric bicycle is to try it, in beveled we have all models on display so that any customer can approach our facilities and try the different models and configurations, if not in many large cities have electric bikes shops that offer daily rentals. Take a weekend trip and rent a bike for a while! It may seem annoying but worth doing before making a purchase. As an alternate plan, you can search on any second hand used bikes nearby and take a test ride on them. This will also give you the opportunity to ask the original owner why he is selling it and what he liked and did not like on the bike.

Know The Weight And Location Of The Battery

Weight plays an important role in how the electric bicycle may or may not fit into your life. Heavier bikes are harder to lift and more importantly to handle. This is also important if you ever have to walk back with the bike home after a puncture or run out of battery since you will travel many miles less because of the excess weight, and can be a limiting factor if you live on a raised floor without Elevator or you have intentions to take the bus / train and you have to climb it many times.

Some electric bikes are very heavy for traditional racks, like those that are in front of some buses and may be even too heavy for the roof of your car, we are talking about bikes weighing more than 30 kilos. Think about all this before buying but also keep in mind that you can reduce the weight by removing the battery pack before moving it or exploring options such as electric trailers.

The area where the bacteria are made also makes a difference. The higher it is, the higher the center of gravity and this can make the bike tip over or even back more easily. I prefer the central designs that keep the battery down. However some of my favorite high end bikes still use a platform-like design behind the seat that can work well if the battery is not too heavy, which never happens.

Consider Your Weight And Bike Power

The next big consideration is your weight. Exactly, if you are a heavy user, I recommend paying an extra for a higher power motor and a higher voltage battery. These two measures determine how powerful the engine will be and how much power is devoted to powering the engine power. In parts of Europe there are laws limiting the power of electric bicycles to 250 W, because of this, most bikes are manufactured with pedal assistance to help boost power and increase speed on the go. The pedal assist mode requires the user to pedal to make the electric motor start up instead of using an accelerator to move.


Another great consideration when buying an electric bike is where you plan to keep it and keep it. Will you park it in safe places and keep it indoors? If so, you may be interested in having a more elegant display system, with lights and other advances. If you are going to leave it out in the rain, vandalism and robbery become the main problem, rather than general wear and tear.


I have tried many electric bikes over the years, but the one I have and the one I use most has 500w, the battery inside the camouflaged frame, a cool design, big and sturdy wheels to withstand the speeds and accelerations to which it is subjected and a digital display. You can also find these electric bikes on The bike has cubic rear engine and battery in the center, the combination that seems to be more balanced and is more durable. The location of the engine and the style of the hidden battery also make it look more like a bike and this helps to avoid unwanted looks. This bike really fits with my lifestyle!

Everyone is different and there are many bikes to choose from, appearing new every day. I hope the different articles on electric bikes in this blog will help you make a decision based on all the information you can get, because electric bikes will save us a lot of money, are good for the environment, healthy and put us in Direct contact with the world around us. Good luck!