Pokémon Go Becomes The Biggest Mobile Game In US History

Pokémon Go has become the largest mobile video game in US history with about 21 million active users daily , according to a report released by the survey firm SurveyMonkey .The adventure video game, developed by Niantic Inc. and distributed by the Japanese Nintendo, surpasses thus other great successes like Draw Something and Candy Crush, with around 16 million and 20 million users respectively.In addition, according to the analysis firm SensorTower , mobile users spend more time playing the Pokémon than on the social network Facebook.

For its part, the company SimilarWeb ensures that the game is installed on more than 10% of Android devices in the US and more than 15% in the two other markets where it debuted: Australia and New Zealand.Pokémon Go is not played on the sofa but in streets, parks, beaches and other real world enclaves , which are reflected in the player’s screen and where the fictional characters are hidden.The system is simple. The game uses the global positioning system of the user’s smartphone, as well as his watch, to detect where and when the player is in real life and within the game, to make a “Pokémon” character appear near him , who Is seen on the phone screen, so that the user can “catch” it.As the player moves, depending on the place and time, more and more varied types of Pokémon characters appear .

This union of play in physical and virtual reality is what is known as “augmented reality”.Pokémon Go became the most popular game in the Apple App Store just 24 hours after its debut a week ago and already has more users than the social network Twitter .SurveyMonkey noted that at the current pace Pokémon Go for the Android operating system is on track to outdo the Snapchat social network in just a few days.

The hysteria for the game is taking such dimensions in the US that there have been police departments that have issued warnings to players to take certain precautions and not allow themselves to be so absorbed by the game that they neglect their security, something that the application warns from The first moment.

“There are a lot of information about dangerous situations,” said the National Security Council, yesterday, due to the distraction of pedestrians and drivers.”What’s meant to be a fun game can have tragic consequences in real life if you’re driving or crossing the street,” warned the New York Department of Vehicles yesterday.Local businesses are also trying to take advantage of the game’s popularity, with posters suggesting that passers-by stop at their facility to hunt for some unexpected monster.The augmented reality allows to locate virtual elements in the physical world and has made it possible, in this case, video game fans to walk the streets looking with their cameras Pokémon.

The game is available for Android and iOS operating systems and download is free.It is based on the universe of fantastic creatures that popularized computer games and Pokémon cartoons, which emerged in the late 1990s. In the new version there are 151 creatures , although the catalog that was developed to date had more than 700, and in addition to hunting the characters, the game has gym directors and coaches against which players can fight.

Although it has not yet materialized, the promotional advances that have made the promoters of the video game advance that in the future will be able to play Pokémon Go with several players at the same time to share the experience with the friends. Like pokemon, pixel gun 3d hack game is most popular game among people. So if you if you want that game then go for pixel gun 3d hack apk. Or you can also search for another best games.