The Best Tips For Decorating Small Spaces

When we live in a space where the square meters are not enough, we have to learn to take advantage of every inch. If we use the imagination, and we consider some simple tips, we will discover that decorating small spaces is not a problem or a challenge, but a great opportunity.

Do you want to start decorating? Then the first thing is to take into account these three general rules that will allow to create a spacious and comfortable space. Home design Hong Kong provides you some tips to decorate your house.

Everything In Order

  • For spaces to look bigger, everything needs to be tidy and clean.
  • Only what is necessary
  • It is better to have few things, but well located. The important thing is to avoid overloading the environment with unnecessary furniture or accessories.

Define A Decorative Style

This will help you to make better decisions when decorating and keeping the space on the same line. With those clear rules on how to decorate small spaces, we will now review some key concepts.

Choose Clear And Neutral Colors

If you want to make your spaces look wider, it is best to choose clear and neutral colors, such as white, beige or gray. In addition to enlarging the environments, they give a more welcoming feeling. The palette of colors that you have chosen for your house should be the guide for the whole house, to create a more harmonious space.

Lighting Is Key

Ideally, spaces can take full advantage of natural light. For that, you can use clear curtains, translucent and hopefully the same color as the walls.  For artificial lighting, recessed spotlights are a very good option, because they do not interrupt visually. If you want something with a little more personality, we recommend choosing hanging lamps, which are perfect for small places, because they occupy very little space. You can use them in unusual ways, such as hanging on the tables, on the sides of the bed.

Welcome The Mirrors

The mirrors expand the spaces and also reflect the natural light. Putting a large mirror on a wall as the only element is a way to “trick the eye”: it will reflect more light and make the place look bigger. In addition, they can be used anywhere: in the living room, the entrance or the bedroom. If you have a very small bathroom, you can hang a mirror bigger than the lavatory, it will work miracles!

Few Furniture, But Well Laid Out

The first thing to do is to think what furniture you need and which you can discard. When decorating a small living room, it is ideal to use elongated and shallow furniture, so that they do not occupy too much space in the center of the room.

The best materials? Wood in light colors, glass, and steel, because of their materiality and color, help to lighten the spaces. Another good advice is to choose thin-legged furniture, which also gives the greater sense of spaciousness.

Multifunctional Furniture: Your Great Allies

Every day you will find more multifunctional furniture , the great secret to take advantage of your spaces to the maximum. There are beds with storage space (perfect for off-season clothes or shoes), folding chairs and tables, beds with desk included (ideal for children’s pieces), and classic sofa beds.

To Save!

As we said at the beginning, the smaller the space, the more order is required . This is one of the keys in decorating small spaces. To achieve this you can take advantage of the upper space of the door or the space below a stair to save what you do not use regularly. You can put shelves and make a nice composition with boxes or baskets. And if your piece does not have enough space for a large shelf, you can put several floating shelves. Simple and effective.