Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular disease is the most important medical and social problem of modern health care, on the prevalence, occupy a leading position among other diseases. Undoubtedly, the increasing emotional stress, habits that directly affect health, such as smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, lack of exercise, overeating and ever-accelerating pace of life impose on the human body additional loads are predisposing factors for the occurrence of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Particularly worrying is the growth factor of morbidity among an increasingly younger age. Why is this happening? What you need to know about each of cardiovascular diseases?


So, Cardiovascular Diseases – A group of diseases, such as heart and blood vessels (arteries and veins) due to violation of their normal functioning.

The Most Common Pathology – Coronary heart disease (coronary insufficiency), the causes of which are: the atherosclerotic lesion, spasm, thrombosis, coronary artery. Clinical forms: angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, atherosclerotic cardio.

Distinguish heart disease inflammatory nature: rheumatic heart disease (heart damage from rheumatic fever, caused by streptococcus); no inflammatory nature: myocardiodystrophy.

Arrhythmias (arrhythmias heart rate), conduction abnormalities (blockade) – a complication of CHD (coronary heart disease), myocarditis, myocardial dystrophy and neurotic states.

Hypertensive Heart Disease :

reduction of adaptive capacity of the cardiovascular system, as the primary essential hypertension renal disease symptom and disease group (cardiovascular, endocrine) as secondary symptomatic hypertension.Diseases of the circulatory system are sufficiently numerous. The most common diseases of the arteries (vessels) are atherosclerosis . Atherosclerosis affects how the coronary arteries (heart blood vessels) and the aorta (the largest artery of the human body, see: atherosclerosis of the aorta ), renal arteries (leading to symptomatic hypertension), brain artery (a complication of a stroke), peripheral artery. A special form of vascular disease is Raynaud’s syndrome. (spasm of the small arteries of the arms and legs). Artery can also become inflamed, it is called arteritis.

Among The Diseases Of The Veins Is The Most Common Manifestation Of Varicose Veins And Thrombolytic.

It is difficult to distinguish between heart disease and vascular disease; for example, the spread of atherosclerosis (vascular disease) on an artery of the heart – the main cause of ischemic heart disease. In humans, nothing is functioning separately, – the body – a single unit. The state of inner peace when every organ and system of the body to fully perform their functions, – is health.Diseases of the cardiovascular system can be caused by: birth defects, personal injury, inflammation, intoxication (alcohol, drug, etc.), disorders of metabolism.

Symptoms Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Reduced contractile function of the heart muscle, and peripheral vascular walls (arteries and veins) usually leads to circulatory insufficiency. This is an acute or chronic heart failure and vascular insufficiency (hypotension). For chronic manifestations of vascular disease characterized by symptoms: low blood pressure, weakness, dizziness, frequent headaches, tendency to fainting. Acute vascular insufficiency: a faint, collapse, shock – are more pronounced clinical symptoms such as lowering blood pressure and disorders of peripheral circulation, the fall of vascular tone, blood redistribution.Acute heart failure (left ventricular and right ventricular) – severe, life-threatening condition. Left ventricular failure – occurs suddenly as a result of reducing the contractile function of the heart (cardiac asthma) state. stagnation of blood in the lungs with the progression leads to edema. Severe shortness of breath with breathing difficulties, palpitations, cough, increasing cyanosis, fear of death. Acute right ventricular failure occurs more frequently with pulmonary embolism (blockage of the large vessel clot). Symptoms are: severe pain in the chest (on the breath), a sharp choking, coughing up blood, swelling in the lower limbs, swollen neck veins.

These severe conditions requiring emergency medical care and hospital treatment, there are, as a rule, against the background of serious diseases of the cardiovascular system.The appearance of the very first symptoms of the cardio – vascular insufficiency suggests that the heart can not handle the load in full. The causes of heart failure are different, sometimes it does not even heart disease, but in 98% of cases, nevertheless, it is atherosclerosis, the development of which is slow. This fact once again confirms the fact that a careful attitude towards their health, hazardous conditions and complications can be avoided. The appearance of symptoms of discomfort, pain in the heart, palpitations (arrhythmias), shortness of breath, swelling, dizziness, numbness in the hands, the face should not be missed. The visit to the doctor should be made without delay. Modern medical diagnostic equipment makes it possible to identify diseases of the cardiovascular system at the earliest stages.

cardiovascular diseases Successful treatment is impossible without a comprehensive approach to the problem:organizational and therapeutic measures in acute cardiac pathologies (timely delivery of medical care, according to the testimony;hospitalization);Treatment Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Use Of Modern Diagnostic Methods (echocardiography, Holter monitoring, coronary angiography, EKG);

1)effective use of drugs:

2)antihypertensive therapy (BP correction)

3)lipid-lowering therapy (cholesterol-lowering)

4)Anticoagulant therapy (decreased blood viscosity)

5)antiischemic therapy (drugs that improve blood flow to the heart and metabolism in it)

6)drugs that normalize blood sugar levels.

Not Medication:

1)to give up smoking;

2)weight normalization;

3)dieting (Table №10);

4)a gradual increase in physical activity.

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