Top 3 Camping Equipment You Need

Tents camping can be an experience that you would never forget because it was the best time of your life or it was a total disaster. Before you go on a camping adventure, make sure that you ask yourself what activities you are hoping to engage in and choose a site that would be ideal for that. You then research on what amenities, if any, are available at the site, and acquaint yourself with the rules that should be observed at the camp. This would help you in knowing what to expect and what you can or cannot do when you go camping. Last, but not the least, make a list of camping equipment, accessories, and supplies that you will need for the duration of your stay and pack them well.

Since you are going away from civilization for tents camping, it is important that you be ready for anything. If you have everything that you might need with you, then you would be able to enjoy your camping well. Those who may have had a bad experience during camping may be because of bad company, bad weather, or bad planning. There are things that you need to make sure that you had it covered when camping and these are shelter, food, and heat.

The top three camping equipment that you would need to bring with you to ensure that all your major concerns will be addressed would be a camping tent for shelter, portable stove or grill for cooking, and propane heaters to keep you warm.

Tent for Shelter

You need a camping tent that is suitable for the weather condition at the time that you are going to be camping. It should also be big enough for everyone to be able to sleep comfortably with plenty of room for your bags and other stuff that you need to keep inside the tent (Check some good family tent reviews at You can also purchase sleeping pads that you can place underneath your sleeping bags to provide cushion and insulation. Bring pillows and blankets too, if you want. There really is no reason why you cannot have a good night sleep.

Propane Heaters

You should not forget to bring propane heaters. It can get really cold at the campsite. While you could get warmth or heat from a campfire, it may not be enough. You would need heaters to keep you warm especially when you are inside the tent.

Cooking Stove/Grill

You need to eat, of course. Just because you do not have access to a fully equipped kitchen, it does not mean that you cannot cook delicious meals for everyone. You have to bring the right camping equipment like a portable stove or grill and you will be fine. Also make sure you do carry some good cooking utensils and you can read more about them at . You can cook just about anything you want. You just have to prepare the ingredients beforehand to make it easy for you to cook. Make sure that you bring enough for everyone for the duration of your camping. Keep in mind that everyone would really have a big appetite because of all the activities. You can also bring a tarp to provide shelter as well as folding chairs and tables to make your dining experience more comfortable.

How to Recover From Sports Injury – A Detailed Guide

Sports injuries (pretty common when playing ice hockey) are almost inevitable. The most important fact is that how long recovery from injury will take depends on proper sports rehabilitation and injury management.

Role of physicians: Sports injuries should be seen by your child’s primary care doctor. The physician will take decision if a referral to a sports injury specialist is required. However, getting physically injured is a nightmare for athletes and active people. Injuries mean feeling defeated, lost time at the gym and sitting out of games. But believe it or not the real fact, the challenges that come from recovery can actually inspire improvement.


Kinds of sports injury: There are two types of sports injury- acute and chronic. The first injuries occur suddenly when playing or exercising, example, strained backs is a kind of acute injuries. An acute injury includes:

  • Sudden but severe pain and not being able to place weight on injured area.
  • Swelling
  • Not being able to move a joint as normal
  • A bone or joint that is visibly out of place
  • Extreme leg or arm weakness,

On the other hand chronic injuries happen after you play a sport for a long time. A chronic injury includes:

  • Pain at the time of  play,
  •  Swelling,
  • Pain when you exercise,
  • A dull ache when you rest etc.

Physical therapy to recover from sports injuries: Rest and rehabilitation are essential to recover from injuries related to sports. In order to engage safely in future exercise, need to make sure that your muscles or tendons and bones are flexible and healthy. Athletes may choose to undergo physical therapy in addition to treatment by a doctor. A physical therapist may prescribe exercises as well as training that will help you to regain your strength fully and quickly. Research the best physical therapist for your condition and faithfully do the prescribed exercises. For physical therapy you must remember the following things-

  • Stop your sport immediately when you experience severe pain,
  • Establish a time line for your recovery,
  • Ask your doctor if physical therapy is recommended for your condition,
  • Start physical therapy in accordance with your recovery schedule,
  • Do your physical therapy at home as prescribed,
  • Wear supports as directed by physical therapist and return slowly to your training.

Restore full range of motion and function in the injured area: To restore range of motion your child should be doing the exercises his physical therapist has prescribed. If your child can move the injured ankle in the same way as his good ankle then you may sure that he is ready to move on to the next step in the recovery process. But never return to sports if there is any limited motion in a joint. Also, its better to take some good supplements as well to keep yourself fit too. Many big brands these days blend good Whey Protein isolates these days. New Zealand manufactured Whey Protein Isolate is also good for sports recovery. Also, checkout the range of Best Amino Acids in Australia as well.

 If injury may keep your child from exercising for any length of time, it is very urgent need to build back the strength in muscles that have been resting. Doctor should give him weight-training exercises to build up the weakened muscles.



Rules and misconduct penalties for playing Ice Hockey

It is easy to follow a game of ice hockey if you understand the rules of the game. The playing surface also called as the rink is divided into zones using one red line at the center and two blue colored lines. While a North American rink is about 200 feet by 85 feet, a European one is little bigger. The rink zone has three zones with the goal net placed at the defending zone for the team defending and the middle which is placed between two blue lines is called as the `neutral zone’. The opposite net is the attacking zone, also called as the offensive zone. The rules for playing the game should be followed within this area.


The Teams for the game

Each team i.e. the defender and the attacker have six players each on the ice rink, one goaltender as well as five “skaters”. These five has specific positions on the rink, three forwards and two defensemen. Irrespective of their positions, all the players on the rink playing a game of ice hockey can move about anywhere on the ice except the goalkeeper who cannot go beyond the red line at the center.

Substitutions for the game

There is no restriction on the number of substitutions and the team can do at any time. There is also no need for any permission for the coach or referee. A substitute can join the game even when the game is in full action but only thing to be kept in mind is that the departing team member should be at a distance of about five feet of the bench and is not playing with the puck or is with any of the opponents.

When can a penalty be given to the team?

The game commences when the referee places the puck between the two teams and near the two forwards of both teams. When there is faceoff, all team members should be on the defensive side and it is only when there is a stop to the game and there is a need to resume it. There are only nine faceoff spots on the ice rink and it should be done only on these positions. The duration of the game is for 60 minutes with three 20-minute periods. The clock stops whenever there are any stoppages in the game for any reason.

A penalty or an illegal move can be imposed on the team when a body check targets the head or the back of an opponent if he is facing the boards. A player can use only his shoulders, torso or hip or stop an opponent only when he has the puck.

Minor Penalties

Usually a player is charged with minor penalty when he tries to obstruct the opponent by tripping, holding with the hockey stick or hands, hooking or interference when the opponent is without the puck. During a minor penalty, the player is sent off for about two minutes and no substitution is allowed during this period and the penalty ends immediately if the opponents score a goal. Minor penalty is also when there is dangerous usage of the hockey stick or physical fouls which can be considered as dangerous. The major penalty is for five minutes and can be when there is a fight among the members. It can be also be when a severe injury or attempt to injury is done on the opponent.